Disclaimer : Global Printer Solution provides independent service to third party services and products. Whatever service services we provide are also available in the official website of the manufacturer itself. However they may not provide Onsite service, which we provide.

service for Mac

service for all Mac Desktops/Laptops and even Mac Minis during all hours of the day by Global Printer Solutions . We service thousands of OSX users around the North America and ready to service you at your convenience and in the comfort of your home. Our experts are available and ready to start helping you with all your questions. Call us right away and get in touch with our experts in just seconds.

MAC service / Window service- Instant Onsite service

Our experts are highly experienced and qualified personnel who have serviceed thousands of Laptops/Desktops/Tablets and guarantee an outstanding experience at all times for you. Our services cover all Laptops/Desktops/Minis/Ipads and iphones with all their popular apps.

Our service Services include, but is not limited to :-

  •          Mac OS X installation and configuration
  •          iPad / iPhone iOS and Application service
  •          Printer, fax and scanner setup
  •          Mac PC network and Router configuration and setup
  •          Firewall setup and configuration
  •          Device synchronization with Device
  •          Native Application service (like iLife, iWork, iTunes, iCal etc…)
  •          Third party software service - installation & configuration
  •          OS X installation and configuration
  •          PC Desktop/Laptop network and Router configuration and setup

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